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[Travel] El Nido, Third Day is a Charm

Island hopping to some of the secret lagoons, big or small, a little adventure in kayaking in this island hopping at the El Nido islands in Palawan.


[Travel] El Nido, The Most Beautiful Stretch of Napcan beach

Best stretch of white sand beach, suntanning under the bright bluest sky, relaxing under the sun and dance with the high waves of Napcan Beach.

[Travel] El Nido, the Seven Shades of Blue

Exploring the islands that make the El Nido islands well known for the different shades of the blue sea to the towering karts and mountain cliffs.

[Travel] El Nido, Welcome to the Wonder of Palawan

Touchdown in El Nido, one of the famous hidden beach, lagoon and island hopping in the Palawan, Philippines.

[Travel] Yangshuo, Bamboo Rafting Down the Calm River

Exploring the Yulong River, one of the Li River branch in Yangshuo with the traditional bamboo rafting, seeing the karst peaks reflected on the water in misty day, hazy like the Chinese watercolor paintings.

[Travel] Yanshuo, Exploring the Countryside

Bicycling the country side of Yangshuo, seeing the karst peaks between farm land, orange grove and strawberry fields. The Hills are endless with the karst giving a backdrop like Chinese watercolor paintings in the misty day with a light drizzle.

[Travel] Yanshuo, Impression of Sanjie Liu

The Impression of Sanji Liu boast one of the largest most beautiful open stage using nature as its backdrop with dancing and singing and the impression of the life and living from the ethnic groups of Zhuang, Yao, Dong and Miao.

[Travel] Longji Rice Terrace at Longsheng

The beautiful vista of the dragon scales on the mountain, the Longji rice terrace of Longsheng. A breath of nature walk and culture of the Yao ethnic group.

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