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[Travel] Shanghai Museum part 1: Minority Ethnic Groups of China

China has different ethnic groups besides the Han. There are at least 55 minorities that form the custom, culture, art and language with various influence from China neighboring countries.

[Travel] Threading the Silk Journey in Suzhou

Once upon a time, silk is Suzhou's main export along the silk road to the west, even clothing the Imperial family.

[Culture] Minahasa Traditional Weaving: Bentenan

One of the oldest traditional weaving in Indonesia span for 200 years old pattern

[Travel] A Thai Silk Story by the Thread

The story of the silk in Thailand, shrouded by mystery of a man and his legacy live on

[Culture] Traditional Weaving in Garut

Traditional Silk Weaving in the small city Garut, West Java, Indonesia with colourful flowers and geometric shapes

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