My Name is Melisa. Age *mumblemumble*. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, nick-named the green emerald of the equator.

I’m just a mmmonkey with a perchance of coffee, and occasionally tea, and more often than not, anything chocolaty.

I like to swing between illustrating, photography, designing, web, et ce te ra. And oh, travelling. Movies, Books and other hobbies sometimes come in mind, living between my Ghost Mode and my Supermassive Black Hole Revelation mode.

I’m trying the hedonism lifestyle (no nudity involved in anywhere in any production) involving an Apple and an ‘it’ named Canon, and wishing to date Nikon.


Lastly: Say No to Drugs. Make Love not War. And get the fuck off.

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  1. 艾凯特 says:

    I’ve really been enjoying reading your blog posts Melisa – particularly your recent travel posts, such awesome pictures! Just to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Bloggers Recognition Awards – more information at

    1. Oh wow!! Thank you so much!!! *hugs*

      1. 艾凯特 says:

        Awww, you’re welcome! Thank YOU so much for your awesome posts :)

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