[Travel] El Nido, Third Day is a Charm

Last day in El Nido and we’re going to be a little ambitious for today. Two days ago we went islands hopping to farther islands. Yesterday we went relaxing at Napcan beach. Today though, today we’re going to do another islands hopping. More hidden lagoons, beaches and karst islands today.

Unfortunately, I didn’t cary water proof camera so some of the hidden lagoons and beaches have no photos. We actually have to swim through some of the hole on the limestone cliffs, under the water and go into the lagoon. I envy people who own the water proof GoPro or have dry bag. Some things I need to buy for the next time then.

So today we’re going on Tour A, again we book through Entalula Guesthouse and get a bigger boat but we have to share with another couple from Europe and an older man from US from the other hostels.

Tour A is going to Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Simizu Island, Secret Lagoon, and 7 Commandos Island. Each person need to pay ₱ 1200, which included lunch, snorkeling gear and towels.



We actually can rent kayak here. I think it’s around 500 for two people in 1 kayak. We rent 3 kayaks and explore this small lagoon (I think it’s located in Miniloc island) and another larger lagoon that I didn’t carry my camera with. UGH. I really need to invest in some dry bags.

Next we hop on to Simizu island or Umbrella island because the guide told us that the limestones and karst cliffs shaped like an upside down umbrella. We’re having lunch here. While the guide and the boat crews prepare our lunch, some of us go swimming or tanning or having photo session(like my cousins).

IMHO tour A is rather crowded. There are several boats also docking at the same time like us even from the previous islands. I suspect it’s going to get crowded for the rest of the day with many boats with the same destinations.



Oh look, a passing big ass lizard.

Not to worry, says the guide. They are generally afraid of humans. As long as we don’t disturb it, they won’t disturb us.


This is another larger lagoon inside where I didn’t bring my camera. Oh well.


This is another larger lagoon again. We can also rent a kayak but since the water is so shallow, we can walk between the karst and limestone cliffs to go into the lagoon. As long I’m careful, I can manage having my handphone to take some photos.

Our last destination in this islands hopping is the Seven Commandos Island. We watch the sunset for our last day in a nice beach. IMHO I prefer tour C since it’s less crowded compare to tour A where I think everyone booked because it’s the first item on the tour’s list with more destinations compare to other tours.





This island is close to El Nido and it’s crowded with more activities going on from volley to swinging from the tree. There’s also a bar that sells many drinks and food with local beer to chill out the afternoon. There’s also a nearby hotel (!) that looks fancy and probably costly.


Beautiful sunset


Our last night here we splurge a little for a nice French food at La Salangane in downtown El Nido and try some of their own brew of various flavors of rum. You named it, coffee, chocolate, banana, etc. Happy tummy and a little buzz to end the great night.

The next day we ended up a little hangover and sleep all way of that 6 hours drive back to the airport and fly back to Manila.

Great adventure. Great holiday!

El Nido Trip:



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Teesh Osita says:

    So envious of this trip, Mel!

    1. Next time again ^_^ should go

  2. candice says:

    I miss El Nido ! The last time I was there was around 10 years ago. Definitely this place is breath taking.

    Candice Amoranto| http://candiceamoranto.com

    1. Wow!! 10 years ago! I bet it’s less people than now. Since amazing race, some tours are full with boats filled with tourists. But there’s always that nice beach in an island somewhere. We love it!

      Thank you so much for your nice comment.!

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