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[Travel] Nanjing, Tears of Blood Every 12 Seconds

The war and massacre museums in Nanjing served as a history lesson.


[Travel] Oh deer! Nara anyone?

See the Large Buddha in Nara, and have fun with deer at Nara

[Travel] A Thousand Steps to Discover Kyoto

Exploring Kyoto, walk between the traditional wooden townhouses, stores and give homage to the gods and emperors of the land.

[Travel] Above the Cloud, Yokohama

Enjoy the food and go up at 273m for the view of 360 degrees surround.

[Travel] Let’s Lose Our Way Together at Ghibli Museum

Take the time to dream, get lost, stop, see, feel, touch and be a child and be an adult.

[Travel] Relax, Soak, Eat at Hakone

Along the pathway of the mountain, here in Hakone, Japan, the Ajisae is in bloom amidst the misty weather....and meeting a Prince on the way.

[Travel] Pilgrimage at Kamakura

A day trip to the land of the first Shogunate, Kamakura with its first shogun, Minamoto no Yoritomo.

[Travel] The Pleasure of Tokyo Streets

A walk through some of the district in Tokyo, Japan. The wanderer who isn't lost. Shibuya, Meiji Shrine, Harajuku, Ginza, Ningyocho, and Senso-ji Asakusa

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