[Travel] Cirebon & Majalengka | 2nd and 3rd Day Explore – Nature is calling (again)

Yesterday Cirebon 1 day trip is a culinary experience. Now on the 2nd day, we get to explore nature like we had a few months back. We go to a quite the same route as Terasering Panyaweuyan Argapura Majalengka.

We come in early in the morning to catch the sunrise. The good thing is, we have a clear sky all the way, not misty like before. I get to fly up my Drone longer and max out the 3 batteries. All in love, I fall in love with the lush green of the mountain.

Terasering Panyaweuyan Argapura Majalengka


Majalengka Cirebon April 2019 small-44
Entry Rp. 5000 (US$0.36)


Majalengka Cirebon April 2019 small-46

Majalengka Cirebon April 2019 small-52

Majalengka Cirebon April 2019 small-54

Majalengka Cirebon April 2019 small-59

Majalengka Cirebon April 2019 small-91

The next is not on the previous trip. We visit the camping ground at the hills of Ciremai mountain in Majalengka.

Camping ground Mercury Sayang Kaak

The camping ground is quite packed on Sunday. Families are doing a picnic and a company outing. The place is… too noisy and full of people since there are instagramable places around the hills. The place is quite nice and pretty cool at the height of 1600 meters above sea level.


Majalengka Cirebon April 2019 small-99
Entry Rp. 10.000 (US$0.71)


Majalengka Cirebon friends April 2019-11

Majalengka Cirebon April 2019 small-109
Lunch at Neng Euis. All meal for 6 people Rp. 319.000 (USD$22.68)

Gunung Ciwaru

We finally have a clear sky in one of the Ciwaru mountain spot after a couple months ago we get misty.


On February 2019



Majalengka Cirebon April 2019 small-120
On April 2019

Majalengka Cirebon April 2019 small-121


Majalengka Cirebon April 2019 small-122
Best view here

Next, we visit another favorite.

Ciboer Pass

This is another place we different changes in a few months. Where the one hills are lush green and other hills are muddy.

Majalengka Cirebon April 2019 small-129

Majalengka Cirebon April 2019 small-130

Majalengka Cirebon April 2019 small-131

A lovely sunset to spend time relaxing. After we have our fill (and some durian on the way), we go back to the hotel

Gunung Karang

In the third day, we wake up late and have easy lunch at the hotel. We go to our last spot, Gunung Karang. I’m strongly fear of heights. Especially some of the stones are hanging without ropes or any safety net. BUT, it’s an experience of itself if one is cautious and stand on one of several of the stones because the view is amazing in some of the spots, some might says, instagramable. We even see some couples and pre-wed photoshoot going on. An unique feature of this place is the 30 m cave that we can explore, with a guide. Some of the path are quite dangerous and we need to twist and turn to pass through one of the cave. Entry (including the cave and the guide) Rp. 15.000 / person (USD$1).

Majalengka Cirebon April 2019 small-142


After the sweaty underground in cave adventure, we have a most delicious lunch. Best traditional local dishes, all vegetarian and rice. Total lunch for 6 people is Rp. 210.000 (USD$14.93).

Majalengka Cirebon friends April 2019-22

Majalengka Cirebon April 2019 small-145

All in all, we have another worth eating and outdoor activity for our second trip to Majalengka. 8 out of 10, will go again for the food and the view.

Last Click:

Majalengka Cirebon April 2019 small-149

Cirebon and Majalengka Trip


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