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[Lifestyle] Malabar Mountain Coffee: May I Have a Cup of Java?

A cup of Java; the trail of Malabar Javanese coffee from the Preanger mountain range, Bandung, Java.


[Culture] Minahasa Traditional Weaving: Bentenan

One of the oldest traditional weaving in Indonesia span for 200 years old pattern

[Culture] House on stilts in Woloan, Tomohon

When I'm traveling in Sulawesi, I notice that most of the city outskirt, small towns and villages housing still prefer 'rumah panggung' (house on stilts). I decide to visit Woloan village, Tomohon, North Sulawesi, a well known home industry for Minahasa knockdown wooden houses.... Continue Reading →

[Travel] Minahasa Highland: Manado, Tomohon, Tondano

Manado is a well known port city for a transit before going to dive at Bunaken and surrounding islands. Arriving in the Sam Ratulangi Airport, I opt to take the Damri bus to the central city (Rp. 25.000). Visitors just need to... Continue Reading →

[Culture] Traditional Weaving in Garut

Traditional Silk Weaving in the small city Garut, West Java, Indonesia with colourful flowers and geometric shapes

[Travel] Colours on top of Mount Prau

Seeing the colours of Wonosobo, from the Telogo Warno to up on the Prau mountain to see the sunrise

[Lifestyle] Twinings | The Art of Tea – The Royal Diamond Jubilee Blend

"On tasting, the Assam comes through straight away, it is followed by the Yunnan" - Twinings

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