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[Travel] China Travel Guide

Fast track cities, ancient culture, Buddhism, culinary adventure. West and east melting pot. Shanghai, Huangzhou, Shaxi

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[Travel] Japan Travel Guide

A beginning, guide to travel in Japan; Tokyo, Kamakura, Hakone, Kyoto, Nara, Yokohama.

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[Travel] Nanjing, the Sovereign Mausoleum

Nanjing, once a capital of several Dynasties and the Emperors that buried here

[Travel] Nanjing, Tears of Blood Every 12 Seconds

The war and massacre museums in Nanjing served as a history lesson.

[Travel] Nanjing, Autumn in Qixia Mountain and Buddhist Temple

Autumn in Qixia Temple is a sight to be hold, between the golden leafs of Ginko trees and the red of maple leafs, carved images of Buddha on the Qixia mountain.

[Travel] Nanjing, The Scholar Pursuit and Confucius

Confucius and how it shape the nation through education and ethics.

[Travel] Tongli “Venice of the East”, Day 2

Second day in Tongli after spending a night in this quite ancient water town. More gardens and canals picturesque photographs and story.

[Travel] Tongli’s Triple X Museum (Rated M)

Who would have thought, in a traditional ancient city like Tongli (or even China) have a Sex museum. Let's see it, the birds and the bees.

[Travel] Tongli “Venice of the East”, Day 1

Tongli is a city near Suzhou, one of the old ancient city in China known as the Venice of the East with its canals and gardens.

[Travel] Threading the Silk Journey in Suzhou

Once upon a time, silk is Suzhou's main export along the silk road to the west, even clothing the Imperial family.

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