[MUSIC] Adam Lambert | We Are the Glamily Tour – Jakarta, Indonesia | 10 March 2013

Well, I was walkin’ for some time. When I came across this sign Sayin’ “Who are you and where are you from? We don’t like when visitors come.” “No Trespassing,” that’s what it said. At least that’s what I could read. No Trespassers? Yeah, my ass! Wait ’til ya get a load of me! – Adam Lambert 2nd Album, Trespassing.

[Lifestyle] Twinings of London | The Art of Tea – The Royal Diamond Jubilee Blend | 31 May 2012

“On tasting, the Assam comes through straight away- thick, robust and malty with a little astringency, giving way to a different length in the character of the tea – it is followed by the Yunnan which is sweet, mellow and really delicious ” – Twinings

[Music] Lady Gaga | The Born This Way Ball – Philippines | 22 May 2012

“The tale of the Beginning, the genesis of the Kingdom of Fame. How we were birthed and how we will die celebrating.” – Lady Gaga The Born This Way Ball Warning: Videos are… Continue reading

[Travel] Philippines 23 December 2010 – 5 January 2011

For the holiday, I decide to visit my family in the Philippines with my mom and my sister. We have separate departure because my mom wants to go there first and I have to wait for my work to be done and take a break from the office. My sister decide to go to Solo and Bali first before she fly to Manila, Philippines, on the 28th.

[Travel] Singapore 11-12 December 2010: Singapore Games, Toys and Comic Convention

Third time this year I visit Singapore. This time is for the SGTCC (Singapore Games, Toys and Comic Convention) at Suntec. After a night flight, I arrive at the Beary Good Hostel (same… Continue reading

[Travel] Singapore 15-18 October 2010: Friend’s Wedding & Sightseeing

While visiting my friends and stand in her side as an accidentally became a bride’s maid, I travel around Singapore most especially China Town, Little India and along Orchard rd.

[Music] Singapore 24-27 September 2010: F1, Daughtry & Adam Lambert Concert

Rey and I arrive at Singapore International Airport in the afternoon. Since we travel very light, we reach the hostel using the MRT (remember after me: switch in Tanah Merah, and another switch… Continue reading

[Travel] Bali 26-28 March 2010

Off to Bali with co-workers we go. :D <– no rest at all. LOL Spend half a day in airplane and a stop over in Surabaya for 20 minutes. Arrive in Bali, Friday… Continue reading