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[Travel] Lijiang: Old Town on Arrival

800 years of Lijiang Old Town, a transit for Silk Road and Ancient Tea and Horse with wooden houses and cobblestones alleys, streets and town square. Home of the Naxi and other Chinese Minority ethnic groups.

[Travel] Leshan Giant Buddha and Mount Emei

A day trip to see the majestic Giant Buddha of Leshan, the largest stone Buddha in pre-modern period and hike at the misty mount Emei.

[Travel] Jiuzhaigou, Colors of Nature in Winter

Jiuzhaigou is a natural protected part with colorful lakes in green, aqua, green marine, blue to cobalt blue colors with the backdrop of the Min Shan mountain range in Winter. A spectacular photograph dream.

[Travel] Jiuzhaigou, Tibetan Culture

On the way to Jiuzhaigou, we get to see the beautiful winter mountainous area of the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture and Tibetan (བོད་པ,藏族) village

[Travel] Chengdu: Giant Panda, Sichuan Opera and Hot Pot

A complete trip to Chengdu: see the Giant Panda and the Red Panda, Sichuan Opera with the magic changing mask and Sichuan hot pot with the spices of huā jiāo peppercorn

[Travel] Shanghai Museum part 2: Chinese Culture, a Summary

To know the culture of a country, best to see the museum in Shanghai, the Shanghai museum with collections from fabulous Bronze age, beautiful porcelains and ceramic, the china of China and Buddhist Sculptures. This is going to be a long post.

[Travel] Shanghai Museum part 1: Minority Ethnic Groups of China

China has different ethnic groups besides the Han. There are at least 55 minorities that form the custom, culture, art and language with various influence from China neighboring countries.

[Travel] Shanghai: Snapshots of the City

In between classes, here are some of the Shanghai's photograph from Zhongshan Park, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai Bird and Flower Market and Yuyuan Garden

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