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[Travel] China Travel Guide

Fast track cities, ancient culture, Buddhism, culinary adventure. West and east melting pot. Shanghai, Huangzhou, Shaxi

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[Travel] Japan Travel Guide

A beginning, guide to travel in Japan; Tokyo, Kamakura, Hakone, Kyoto, Nara, Yokohama.

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[Travel] Harbin, An Architecture Museum in Zhongyang Dajie

European Influenced architecture in Zhongyang Dajie, Harbin, with a flare of Russian.

[Travel] Harbin, Snow and Ice

Winter wonderland at Harbin with its snow and ice sculpture and larger than life architecture made of ice and the park with snowy art.

[Travel] Harbin, the Winter Journey Starts

In search for Winter, a late journey starts from Harbin, known for the northern city of China, closer to Russia and Mongolia.

[Travel] Hongcun, the Painting of the Land, Water and Mountain

Hongcun is a an interesting city to get lost between the architecture and the idilic lifestyle of the Hu people. Admired the wood carving inside the largest house and the decorative reliefs.

[Travel] Tachuan Village, an Autumn to Remember

Autumn in Tachuan village is one of the picturesque authentic Huizhou style architecture and geography.

[Travel] Xidi, Even-Tempered Charming Village

Xidi is another village near Huangshan as a must visit place to find a Chinese geographic and cultural Huizhou.

[Travel] Huangshan Mountain: Sunrise and Sea of Clouds

Huangshan, famous of its pine trees and granite cliffs and mountain formation, with the nature's best that inspired poets, novelist, painters, landscape artists and movie makers.

[Travel] Wuzhen, Indigo Blues Fabric for the Lovelies

Color printing the Indigo Blue fabric is native to Wuzhen. The dye process and centuries of cultural everyday lifestyle.

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