[Travel] Thailand – Bangkok |A Day to Explore Instagram Places at Khao Yai

A few weeks ago, I have a weekend trip for an office outing to Bangkok. Out flight is on Thursday afternoon and arrived in Bangkok at night time. My plan is just to enjoy the weekend and enjoy my two days in the city.

Fly Jetstar with transit in Singapore.

฿40 one way by Airport train to Bangkok central.

We stayed in Cubic Pratunam Hotel, it’s ok, but definitely not a choice I would pick. Honestly, with that price, a hostel in Bangkok is much better. The hotel is quite more than 10 minutes walk from the Metro station to the hotel. Furthermore, it’s raining cats and dogs. We end up drench and glad that there’s a hot shower in the hotel.

The next day, the organizer has a bus ready for the whole day trip to Khao Yai National Park. It takes 3 hours one way from Bangkok to Khao Yai. There are some places we visit:

Palio Village

Local ‘wine’ ฿35 a pop

My impression: I don’t get Europe, but it’s quite fun to walk around the European-like village with stores and Instagram settings. The stores are cute, but mind, the prices are higher than the same shirts and giggles in Bangkok. But I like the fresh fruits and the -ahem- wine.

Kua Kampan Restaurant


Lunch at Kua Kampan – Khao Yai. Imho, this is what I call Thai food at is best. Tom Yum gun is always been my favorite, and eating fresh here is the best.

Primo Piazza

My impression: Another wanna-be European village. This time Tuscany. I don’t get it either, hahaha. But again, it’s for Instagram sets. Not many people here too. Mostly empty I supposed.

But I get to meet several alpaca, sheep or other animals. You can feed them too (feed them is included in the entrance price, which is ฿100. Then you can visit the souvenir shop to get similar theme merchandise which is quite cute but also a bit above my paygrade, hahaha.


I think my favorite is the ice cream I get from one of the ‘Tuscany’ store. It’s made locally with fresh blueberry and the farm’s milk.

฿72 Ice cream – quite pricy, but worth it.

Pirom Cafe

Lastly, we visit Pirom Cafe, while it’s a wine place, we didn’t get wine at all, considering. Anyway, the snacks are nice. We also have several games (it is an office outing after all), built team works and has a lot of shenanigans.

In the afternoon, we ride back to Bangkok (for around 2-3 hours by bus). We have dinner in the nearby night market near our hotel.


Once we sated our hunger, it’s sleepy time. But alas, we still have to walk home. Next day: Chatuchak weekend market.

Thailand – Bangkok Trip



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