[Review] Bardi Smart Bulb 9W – RGBWW

Smart lighting color for my room

Last month I was contacted by Bardi team to try the Bardi Smart LED 9W with colors not just warm white or cool white, but as well well colorful RGB with 16 millions of colors. The photographer me love it. My room feels different and I can change the mood with the Bardi apps from my mobile phone.

About the product it self:

Bardi Smart LED Bulb 9W RGBWW is supported by an AI+IoT called TUYA. The smart element of it is that it can connected all IoT products to connect with your device such as mobile phone like Iphone or Android phones, or Amazon Alexa and even Google Assistant.

More of this in show and tell.

Once I put on, I download the Bardi application, install and setup. Tbh, the setting up and connect the apps with the bulb is not quite easy. I need to turn on and off 2 x 3 times until the light flickered (as instruct from the guide) and it’s annoying! But after it’s set, loaded and ready to go!

I love the setting right the way. The Bardi Smart LED Bulb has 180 lumens maximum brightness and as low as 90 lumens. The White can be set between warm 2700K and cool 6500K. The remote is very user friendly. Just moving my thumb I can set it cool and warm. Compare to other 9w bulb, Bardi smart LED bulb is quite bright! I like to set it between cool and warm, with a touch toward the warmth.

I can turn on and off from my bed! It’s a novel thing! I don’t have to get up to turn off my light when it’s time to go to bed.

I can turn on and off from my bed! It’s a novel thing! I don’t have to get up to turn off my light when it’s time to go to bed.

And COLORS, like so much I can play with this. I can also adjust how strong and intense the color is. My favorite is the pink to purple vibe to chill with some music. Here I can play around and not quite explore the 16 millions of colors, but I have fun with several colors and might be interesting to try on for video or a photoshoot. Will make a photoshoot lighting mood kinda interesting!

Last by not least, I can pick from several of the pre-set mood in SCENE like reading light, work or just soft light. And lastly I can set the light according to the MUSIC. Honestly, not my fav, but it’s nice.

Overall, it’s interesting and budget LED RGB bulb that I can set it to the Bardi app from my mobile phone.

Thank you Bardi for sending this.


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