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[Travel] Jaipur City Palace, the Royal Residence of the Maharaja

Beautiful mix of Rajput, Islam, Mughal and Indian architecture at the City Palace of Jaipur. A feast for the eyes with colors and details.

[Travel] Jaipur, Holi Festivals, the colors of love

The Spring in India celebrates with colors and love, dance and singing all around. In Jaipur, the pink city literally painted it self pink.

[Travel] Jaipur, the Elephant Festival. Hail to the Wise Chief

The Elephant festival with the elephants decked in colors and glitters -ala- beauty pageant for the queens.

[Travel] Jaipur, the Heritage Embroidered in the Thread of Time

The story of India fabric can be seen in Jaipur. It's like an explosion of colors, design and techniques.

[Travel] Jaipur, Tickle Me Pink

This capital of Rajasthan in Northern India, known as the pink city, is the gate for another culture and another exploration waiting to happen.

[Travel] New Delhi National Museum, a Little Glimpse of India’s Painting

New Delhi National Museum best feature is their collection of gorgeous paintings on various mediums from paper, to fabric, porcelain, wood etc. A must visit for art lover.

[Travel] Delhi, Chandni Chowk Market’s Organized Chaos

Find all chaotic mess, immerse buzzy sounds, bizarre smells and beautiful colors and social colors in in Delhi's oldest market, Chandni Chowk.

[Travel] Delhi, Red Fort Unlikely Drama

The remnants of the walled city is the Red Fort, center of the old capital city of Shahjehanabad, now old Delhi.

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