[Sponsored Post] Uji Cafe | Dessert with Matcha from Uji

Got invited to a cafe opening of Uji Matcha cafe (IG:ujimatcha.id) at Grand Indonesia on Saturday 23 June 2019. Have a very nice time with fellow food bloggers. I’m not a food blogger, mind, but I’m a travel blogger with the loveee of a well-made dessert.


Matchalato Chiffon cake set

Chiffon cake is not my forte, but I like this with the right moist. Must have with the green tea ice cream and melted cream.

Ichigo Matcha Crepes Roll set Rp. 52K

This is very, very nice! I like the cream filling. Didn’t really taste the matcha unless I lick the green tea dust. Which I did. The strawberry ice cream is refreshing! I wish it has a little more tart.

Matcha Cream Latte Float Rp. 45K (M), Rp. 49K (L).

Didn’t get to taste this, but I heard the matcha latte is quite good.

Arashiyama Matcha Mille Crepes Rp. 46K

This is quite nice, the bitter of matcha is not as prominent as the ice cream. Not too sweet too so we can try multiple desserts after. Good with the peach tea, imho. Both have a pleasing scent.



Shiratama Matchalato Bowl Rp. 59K

This one is my favorite! OMG the matcha from Uji really have the bitter edge of the green tea with a sweetness of the ice cream bite. The matcha, I was told, came directly from Uji, a city a couple hours from Kyoto, Japan. Hence the cafe name came from Uji. Anyway, when I taste this, I was blown away and almost forgot to taste the others hahaha. But best matcha ice cream so far and one of my top choice from this cafe.

Uji Matcha Soft Serve Story (with a surprise inside)

One of my favorite as well. Need to dig dipper and some surprise dessert inside! I won’t show you, you need to go there and try it yourself! One word: jiggle-jiggle.

Mixed Gelato Shiratama Summer Bowl Rp. 59K

Save the best for last! This wonderful bowl is like a summer party in my mouth. Belly dancing happily at the end of the session. The green tea ice cream is very nice like the one above! The red bean and mochi are great with a spoon full of peach gelato! All in all, this is one of my favorite and would come again just for this.

Soft ice cream

Last click hahaha. There’s always room for one more.

UJI Cafe:

Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.1 (Grand Indonesia, West Mall, LG Floor)
For Reservation & Inquiries :
☎ : 021-3152 018
Open Everyday : 10.00 am – 10.00 pm



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