[Travel] Majalengka | Terasering Panyaweuyan Argapura, Beauty at Sunrise

After a nice 1st day around Majalengka the day before, We wake up super early to catch up on the sunrise at Terasering Panyaweuyan Argapura. Argapura (not to be confused with Argapura mountain at Papua Niugini), combined two words; Arga (mountain) and Pura (city), but it’s basically hills of farm fields. To go here, you need to ride a car and brace yourself. The road is quite good but very narrow with sharp turns climbing up.

Early morning is very chilly, but I’m super hyped! The mountain are not fully green though, we were told by the local, best we come again in April when the hills are green and beautiful and less cloudy, hahaha. Yeah, less than 2 hours, the mist descended upon us, and like the Ciwaru mountain yesterday, we can’t really see anything. Hmmm. We did come back in April, and it’s really is breathtaking (wait until the next post, stay tuned!).

Entry ticket to the viewing mountain is Rp. 5000 (US$0.35).

Waiting for sunrise











The main produce at this time of the year is onion
Best breakfast up the mountain is a bowl of instant noodle and hot coffee

Source: Wikipedia

Majalengka Trip


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