[Travel] Majalengka | Nature’s Walk 1st Day

This year, I’ve decided to travel more locally. A couple of months ago, my friends and I decide to explore Majalengka, for its natural beauty. A friend of ours, Endang, organized the trip with the shared-cost model, much like the one she organized for our Pramuka island trip.

We departed from Jakarta around 6-ish AM. Traffic is horrible around east Jakarta to Kerawang, even in the highway. There is construction for the new road, the new LRT metro train to other satellite cities around Jakarta, not to mention the heavy duty trucks go back and forth in the industrial areas. Pretty much we arrived at Majalengka close to noon.

A little background about Majalengka Regency. The Regency is located at West Java, around 200 KM from Jakarta (or 3-4 hours drive via highway). Majalengka name comes from the word Majae (Maja fruit, Crescentia cujete) and Langka (rare) or in the local dialect, Lengka (bitter). There are several kingdoms associated with the rulers of this area, forming smaller kingdoms or dominions.

Maja fruit, Crescentia cujete

In 1819, Majalengka becomes one of the districts formed during the Dutch colonial era. To see more of the old photos, can go here (it’s in Indonesia, but feed it to google web translator or just enjoy the old photos are nice). During the Japanese occupation, the Japanese built a military base there and worked the local Indonesian in the fields and built roads. After Indonesian independence, Majalengka becomes one of the 18 Regencies in West Java with Majalengka as the capital town.

Our first stop is Curug Tonjong. We’re not really impressed with the waterfall, but maybe because we don’t really explore up the river bend. Nevertheless, we enjoy selfie sessions. Entry ticket: Rp. 7000. (US$ 0.48).






After lunch (a homecooked meal with fresh ingredients are the best!), we visit Persawahan Nangklak, located at Payung village. Ama~~zing view top to bottom. I can’t describe the beautiful rice fields stacked up and down the hills.







From here, we continue to Ciwaru Mountain. Unfortunately, it’s cloudy and drizzling. We can’t see anything except whiteness over the cliff. Entry ticket Rp. 15.000 (US$ 1).


We stay the night at Noni Lodging in the city center. Endang reserved us 3 rooms on the 3rd floor. After dinner (great find!) we go to sleep. Unfortunately, around 3-4 AM the Aircondition shut down. The staff has electric fans for the room so it’s not that bad. Can’t wait for tomorrow! Hunting sunrise at Terasering Panyaweuyan!



Source: Wikipedia

Majalengka Trip


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