[Travel] Yogyakarta | The Two-Face of Jogjakarta Art – Tradition Meet Modern Art

Behind Taman Sari, we opt to explore Kampoeng Cyber. There are traditional arts and craft from batik lukisan (batik painting) to wayang (shadow puppet making) carved on cow skin.


Batik painting. Amazing pointillism style.


A little background about Kampoeng Cyber (twitter @kampoengcyber36), it’s one of the villages designed for tourist due to its location near Taman Sari. The village initiates and expands its internet infrastructure in 2008 to improve and get information from the worldwide web that inspired the local craft and home industry. It was visited by the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg in 2014 to see the traditional ethnic houses equip with the internet, free wifi in certain spots and encourage local craft.

This particular store, Voice of Jogja, caught my attention for its unique interpretation of wayang (shadow puppet) characters from the epic stories such as Ramayana and Mahabaratha. The large colorful and vibrant painting of John Lenon doesn’t hurt either!

Voice of Jogja is founded by Hery Hermawan. His idea is to pour his love of Jogjakarta, Javanese and Indonesian culture in his collection since opening the store in 2012 in Kampoeng Cyber.


He was inspired and created a manual print t-shirt for Pak Raden, a gruff character and a mentor for the children in childhood puppet tv series, Unyil. Another character is Semar, a character from wayang (shadow puppet) Mahabaratha.


There are many characters in Indonesia he wants to explore and create his own brand with his own name, especially from Indonesian lore and wayang stories.

His concept for each t-shirt is a story. He likes to explore various styles and invites fellow illustrators to create with their own name as a brand in his store.

Bought two shirts (Hanoman and Gatot Kaca) from Voice of Jogja. A bit pricy buy recommended!

Next, we visit the Affandi Museum.

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Source: Voice of Jogja, Kampoeng Cyber


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