[Travel] Penang, The Rich Heritage of Pinang Peranakan Green Mansion

Visiting Penang is not without exploring the Straits Chinese heritage, or known as the Peranakan or the Baba and Nyonya heritage when they also adapt the Malay heritage. What does it means? The community in Malaysia is the descendant of the Chinese immigrants came from China that lived around the Straights Settlement established by the British in Penang and Malacca.

The Pinang Peranakan Mansion or known as the Green Mansion, was originally belonged to Chung Keng Quee, a Chinese tycoon in the 19th century. It was named “Hai Kee Chan” or “the Sea Remembrance Store” and was built in 1890s.

The Mansion served as the bastion for the Chinese secret society Ghee Hin as well as the main office and residence for Chung Keng Quee. Nowadays it was restored and turned into a museum to showcase the Peranakan heritage of the Straits Chinese.



The beautiful side and front of the Mansion, painted in minty green. Entrance is 20 RM for adult and free for a child under 6 y.o.


Right from the start, this dining room appeal to me for it’s opulent decoration and the long table set. You got to have a glimpse of these rich Chinese lived in the past. They can afforded the luxury decoration and household even the teak furniture, to victorian figurines and glass epergnes imported from Europe.

The left and right rooms also hold the Western Chinese style decoration


The parlor with beautiful wooden screen. A couple is having their pre-wedding photos when we were here. We have to wait until they’re done before we explore the room(s).


A gorgeous stairway iron work came from Glasgow, Scotland.



Love chair with the gods/ancestors altar behind it

Typical of the Peranakan mansion was built with an open courtyard and up to the second floor in the middle to let the air flow and cool the house. I just love the decoration from the second floor railing and glasswork.


Nyonya-ware collections



The hall way with the two doors leading to the same room. I assumed it’s for the baba (master of the house) and nyonya (the lady of the house) with separate bedding and separate entrance.

Two separate beds.


Washing basin and piss-pot.

I love the details of these vanity tables

Some baba nyonya fashion. Mostly I love seeing the nyonya cloths. It’s almost similar to Javanese clothing, but more colorful and decorative.



Going down and to the side building, we encounter a small temple to honoring the ancestors and Chung Keng Quee and his family members. And of course, typical of Chinese decoration using ceramic figurines of gods, animals and nature from the roof the the pillars.

The next building attached to the main house is a little museum filled with Baba Nyonya objects, heritage items and precious jewelry. When I walk inside it’s like everything is so shiny!


Literally dripping in gold! I can’t imagine going out with any of these items on my body.

Beautiful ornate brooch and earrings. There are more but I love these two especially.


I love the detail of this Chinese royal boat, like expensive toy. Can look but you can’t touch.

More silver and gold with Chinese and Malay influenced. I love the details of these pieces.


There’s nothing wrong with green jade


Bed post decoration


Between the buildings, this beautiful fountain gives calm vibe and it says that water can cool the house during the hot season.

Interesting note that the mansion was used as a tv set from several series like The Little Nyonya and even featured in the Amazing Race and the Amazing Race Asia.

All in all, I love the green mansion because we can walk around freely and have a glimpse of what the rich Peranakan lived in those days. The details make this mansion a photography dream! Too bad we didn’t spend longer time since we have another mansion next, the Cheong Fatt Tze Blue Mansion.

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Source: Pinang Peranakan Mansion official website








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