[Travel] Penang, China House Restaurant and Teochew Chendul Ice Kacang in George Town

In two days walking around George Town since our touchdown and its heritage, we see the mural and outdoor art and the unique peranakan architecture around Armenian street to Chew Jetty.

So, I seldom do this, but this restaurant and the ice chendul in George Town, Penang deserve a post of its own.

First stop for lunch in our first day:

China House (唐人厝)

Located at: 153, Lebuh Pantai, George Town, 10300 George Town.

China House actually host 3 restaurants.  The restaurant(s) – is part pastry and bakery shop – they can also can cater food delivery. The restaurant building also host pop up art gallery on the second floor. More to it later.

The building itself is unique because it combine 3 old style building into one, with inner garden in the middle. China House stretch along 400 M from Beach street to Victoria street. Look at the divider between these two buildings.

We actually enter from the back (Victoria street), The Canteen, and walk right up front to Kopi C (where are the cakes are) and ho behold, a long line awaited us.

We put on our name and luckily we don’t have to wait long. We ended up sitting in BTB (Bon Ton Bistro), which served the fusion food from Peranakan and SEA flavors with western influence.



On with the food


Beef Rendang Fried Rice – green-spiced fried rice with sunny side up egg, vegetables, sambal balacan (peranakan style chili paste), chili and ground nuts, pickle and that bowl of rendang or beef curry (can’t explain it in english, I tried my best). 42RM


Laos Grilled Chicken Breast in Laksa Soup – Rice noddles, spinach, tomatoes, pumpkin and mint with sambal balacan (peranakan style chili paste) and chili sauce. 34.91RM


What we want to taste is the cakes. There’s a lot of cakes. As much as 75 types a day!


Carrot walnut cake 10.60 RM


Pistachio cake 15 RM


After the food, we go up to the second floor to see the gallery. Unfortunately when I visit, there’s not exhibition yet. But there are some drawings and paintings along the wall.





Some words of wisdom. Heh.

Bon Ton The Shop on the second floor also host some local merchandise, some are expensive, but some are cute and affordable if you think it’s worth it. They are handmade after all.



Second day lunch

We opt to try the Penang Road famous Teochew Chendul Ice Kacang (and the surrounding street food).



Of course, we didn’t just stop on dessert, but other food as well.



Ice chendul 2RM


Laksa soup and noodle 5RM

We also order Char Koay Teow (thick noodle fried) and Rujak (Mix vegetables and fruits with sweet souce) but by the time I whip up my camera, it’s long gone.

All and all, each person cost more or less 15RM (including drinks).


Tempted to buy some snacks here but we still have places to go.

Penang Travel: 

Source: China House






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  1. Teesh Osita says:

    Mel, you made me hungry!!!

    1. LOL mission accomplish!

  2. insalamina says:

    sudah beberapa kali ke Malaysia, tapi selalu gagal ke Penang. Huu jadi tambah pengen, dan sekarang saya jadi laper :(

    1. hehehe nanti ada kesempatan lain. thank u ya sudah baca

  3. thank you for the information, the location is real dichina ya ??

    1. Owh yang ini di Penang, Malaysia mbak Sri :)

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