[Travel] Mumbai, The End Tale of My India Trip (Until Next Time)

Fiewwhh. My last day in Mumbai, and in India. Partly I’m sad because my trip is almost over, another part I miss home and my own bed, hahaha.

Great! After the trip to the museum yesterday, I’ll take easy and just go around Mumbai. I was advice to hire a mini cab driver to take me around because it’s cheaper and the driver can take me to the airport in the afternoon. Cool, let’s do that. I packed my things and keep my luggage at the hostel on check out and hire a mini cab driver for 500₹ for the whole day. Hmm not bad.


The minicab driver with an old British car.


The driver took me to the Gateway of India. But there’s so many tourists, I’m not going to bother. It was built in the 20th century to honor the landing of King George V and Queen Mary at their visit in 1911. This gate is built by George Wittet, the same guy who built Chhatrapati Shivaji Vastu Sanghralaya Museum I visited yesterday. It was made of basalt at 26 meters high in Indo-Saracenic style.


A nearby park.


Next we driver a bit outside Mumbai, Marine Drive.

The 3.6 kilometers long Marine Drive boulevard in South Mumbai is built by Bhagojisheth Keer & Pallonji Mistry in a ‘C’ shaped concrete. Look at the curve from the promenade and the city line in this hot, hot day.

Following the road, we go up to Malabar Hill to see the view of the Marine bay and visit the Hanging Gardens or Pherozeshah Mehta, a beautiful terraced garden, and Kamala Nehru Park. It was constructed in 1881 by Ulhas Ghapokar.


The view from the Hanging Garden.



Shoe house in Kamala Nehru Park

From the park, we go down and further on the road to Mani Bhavan.


Mani Bhavan, Mahatma Gandhi‘s HQ in Mumbai for 17 years (1917 – 1934) was where Gandhi initiated his movement.


The bust statue of Mahatma Gandhi


Photo of Mahatma Gandhi spinning the wheel. Everything about him is philosophical. By spinning the thread he felt that he was closer to the people and through them, God.


His image in various currency and stamps.


Staircase with his photos from childhood until his death.


The second floor is gallery of photos, press clippings, publication, prints and poster,


A print by Babuji Shilpi‘s rerpsentation of the “Quit India Movement” at Gowali Tank, Bombay in 1942.


Entering another room, a tall photo of Mahatma Gandhi.


The room where Mahatma Gandhi used in the second floor and the hall of photographs and paintings of his life.


The tools that he used.


And finally, a set of dioramas depicting his movement until his arrest in 1932.


The minicab driver is a fan of crickets and he took me to see his favorite team playing. So I spend a few minutes of the popular sport in India. The cricket match is held at P.J. Hindu Gymkhana.

On the way to Colaba Causeway for late, late lunch, we pass by Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station. Ah to bad we can’t stop because traffic and it’s on the other way. But some few shots.


Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station


Leopold Cafe and Bar

So lunch! This is one of the famous Iranian restaurant, Leopold Cafe and Bar in Colaba Causeway. Established in 1871 by the Iranis or Zoroastrians Iranian. Before the terrorists attack, it was THE place for foreigners. The place is sure still popular, imho.


I didn’t get enough time to look around, alas, it’s time for me to go back to the hostel, get my luggage and off to the airport. To avoid traffic, we go super early at 5 PM. My flight home is 11:25 PM. It’s going to be another long night, hahaha.

Anyway, another “Goodbye” for a “I’m back” in the future. See you next time, India.

Mumbai Trip:

Source: Mani Bhavan website, Wikipedia, Travelwiki




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  1. Teesh Osita says:

    Aww is this the end of India posts then? I am so looking forward to you going back! I’ve always wanted to go to India but a little scared because of all the safety issues people experience. Someday!

    1. For india at least hahaha. There’ll be next trip ^_~ India is large. Safety is my concern when I went to India, I stay close to as many people possible hahaha. Next time India again ^^

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