[Travel] Kerala, the Gentle Life at the Backwater Alleppey

Yesterday, I love walking around the Old Fort Kochi and its surrounding area. I also reserved a houseboat ride from the staff at the hostel for today’s trip. Too bad I can ask other guests if they’re interested to spend the night at the backwater in Alleppey.

I take a bus from Thoppumpady to Alleppey for 36₹. It takes around 1 hour to reach the contact person for the house boat. Since I’m going alone, I have to pay for the full amount of 3000₹. Expensive! But the houseboat is very nice, room with AC, the bed is clean, have modern amenities and hot water! The price include lunch, snack in the afternoon, dinner and breakfast.


Alleppey or also known as Alappuzha, is another district in Kerala state, South India. Ᾱlappuzha’s name came from “Ᾱlam” or water and “puzha” or river. The town is famous for its backwaters, beaches, canals and lagoons. In India, Alleppey  is known as the “Venice of the East“, much like several cities like Tongli and Suzhou in China I visited in the past. But unlike China, Alleppey have the beautiful paddy fields, farmers and fishermen rural life. It’s very laid back and peaceful.

The series of backwater in Kerala connect at least five large lakes linked by canals, rivers and extend to waterways for at least 1/2 the state. The water ecosystem is unique since there are rivers connecting to the sea where the freshwater meets the seawater from the Arabian Sea.





Kettuvallam or houseboat is another interesting ride I’ve ever been. Many people, including my uncle, recommended this since it’s uniquely Kerala’s. In the Malayalam language, “Kettu” means to tie and “Vallam” means boat. The artisan and boat master made the houseboat from the olden days with wood and ropes. The houseboat I’m riding has two bed rooms, living room and a bathroom, a smaller toilet and a kitchen. Explained the price eh? Too bad I’m alone. But damn, this is the most relaxing day of my trip in India. Of course, my photo-taking activity didn’t stop. There’s so many life capture and beautiful rural scenery that I love. The trip to Alleppey  also clear my lung. Heh. The air here is so clear.





A complete lunch, more than a person can eat. Freshwater fish, local curry, fresh vegetables and yogurt sauce.


I opt to dine in the open while the houseboat docked near the paddy field.



Fried banana and coffee for afternoon snack. Hmm, reminds me of home.




In the afternoon, we dock again for the night. I have another wonderful Southern India food. As the night falls, I settle for a nice night sleep. Surprisingly, there aren’t much mosquitos here.



A quiet night.

The next morning, we explore the backwater some more and the 2nd day is more beautiful in my humble opinion.


Best breakfast food in India so far.



But all good things have to end but it ended in high note. I love to do it again, but preferably with other friends/people. It’s true that Kerala is dubbed “the God’s own country”.


I go back to Kochi and have lunch. I spend the afternoon watching Koodiyattam. 

Kerala Trip:

Source: Wikipedia, Travelwiki, India Eye Witness Travel.




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  1. Teesh Osita says:

    This looks so peaceful!

    1. It is :D :D I don’t mind to go to India again to this place. very relaxing.

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