[Travel] Jaipur, the Elephant Festival. Hail to the Wise Chief

Jaipur is colorful indeed as I’ve seen, the architecture in architecture in the city and Gaitore, and the colorful textile, fabric and sari. I come here for the Elephant Festival or Hastimangala at Jaipur Polo Group grounds, joined with Holi festival.

Elephant is big in India. In mythology, the elephant-head god is Ganesha (Sanskrit: गणेश, Gaṇeśa), the son of Shiva and Parvati. He is revered to be the wise teacher and god of intellect and wisdom.

Elephant is symbol of royalty, strength and wealth in Rajasthan. The Raj or the Maharaja would bring royal guests to the palace or use them for war. At least in the olden days. Now days, the festival is in its honor and sometimes the moahouts or the elephant keeper still bring the tourists to Amer Fort.


The celebration usually have Elephant polo and Elephant Dance although I came in quite late and just see the Elephants decked in colors. Lots and lots of colors on the elephant and the saddle or jhools.


Dance in the festival

The Holi celebration with tourists and locals adorned with colors of all kind.

The moahouts dressed as a royal and royal guards.

All elephants are female and they look lovely. The glitterati of elephants.

Majestic queens.

After the Elephant festival, I go back to the hotel. Good thing I have the room for my self, so I can wash all my cloths and let them dry. The weather in Jaipur is really dry and help the drying faster.

Dinner at the hotel is amazing. I treat myself a plate of mutton and biryani rice. Finally, a sweet lassi and Gulab jamun dessert to top it off. (115₹)


The hotel also have a Rajasthani dance and music show to entertain the guests. The stack of bowls are getting higher and higher up to 5.

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Jaipur trip:

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