[Travel] Staring India, a Trip of Opposite Attraction

India is another one of my impulse travel. I look at cheap ticket in AirAsia and BAM, a year later, a trip to the country. Seeing my uncle’s amazing photos of  India burn my curiosity for the culture, colors and food.

Starting the trip is not easy. All a sudden AirAsia cancel KL – Mumbai flight and we have to either upgrade or change the flight. I opt to upgrade since I applied for Visa and paid for the hotel. For more or less S150 I get a return ticket for Jakarta – KL – Mumbai – KL – Jakarta. Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur return flight is with AirAsia. Mumbai – Kuala Lumpur return flight with Malaysia Airline. Ain’t that lucky?

Of course the waiting time is much, much longer in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. I take a long, long walk from one end to another end. Boring. I know.

Having a tea at Harrods. Expensive, pretty and kill another two hours.

Arrive in Mumbai and decide to stay the night at a nearby hotel to take the flight to New Delhi early in the morning with India Air. Arrive at the Indira Gandhi International Airport at noon and bought local sim card for 873₹ (including top-up and internet for 15 days).

new delhi-4

From the airport I take the Delhi Airport Metro Express train to the New Delhi Metro Station (800₹). Unfortunately, there’s no locker room and I have to carry my backpack around while waiting for my host, Mrs. Kamala from Couchsurfing, to come home from her church duty.

I decide to go to Hauz Khas Village (हौज खास) in south west Delhi, but I didn’t get to see the ancient complex.  Too tired and too hot to walk with heavy backpack and I’m quite hungry.

I found a local travel cafe, the Kunzun Travel Cafe. Looks interesting and I met two German girls, Miriam and Mei Lin, while enjoying the (free) snacks and coffee (YES! Coffee!). The place is interesting with travel books scatter around and host to several activities. We can donate for the place in the box near the exit to keep it running.

The girls and I explore the alleys together to see the mix and match boutiques and restaurants and local brands amidst the urban jungle.

I like this recycle store, Green the Map, an NGO project by Swechha in New Delhi. Their goal is to up-cycle and eco-friendly product designers to make accessories and everyday goods from unwanted materials (i.e trash). Products price range around 200₹ to 2000₹, depend on what items. Check out their online store because they ship internationally and it helps with the local eco-friendly industry and recycle products.

new delhi-17

Wallets and purse from rubber tire and used packaging.

In a nearby park, there’s this gathering of youth and old alike. There are a lot of institute, school and university activity from students and locals. Amazing vibe with all the music and dance!

new delhi-28

What can you say? You’re really in India when the hips starts moving to the beat.

From there, we take tuktuk (10₹ per person) to the little Tibetan market nearby, but unfortunately a lot of the stores are close so we just walk around the street. Mei Lin wants to buy some saris and we get to see the Lady put one or two on her.

Print stamps for fabric-dye with stylish India animals

Tibetan and India antiques and knickknacks.

We decide have dinner after that in a market close to the New Delhi station since the girls’ hostel is nearby and in a backpacker area.

Cute store, a little for tourists and backpackers.

The busy night market.

The street view from the hostel window.

After I get confirmation that Mrs. Kamala is home, I say goodbye to Miriam and Mei Lin and exchange email since they’re going to Vanarasi and I’m still exploring New Delhi. Hope we meet again.

I decide to take a taxi, thankfully it’s on meter (250₹) to Mrs. Kamala’s home. Mrs. Kamala is very nice and we chat a little before going to bed.

Next: Delhi: Jama Masjid

New Delhi Trip:

Source information: Wikipedia, Travelwiki, India Eye Witness Travel


10 Comments Add yours

  1. yodandalek says:

    Absolutely loved the colours on display in your photos. :) Is it really 800 INR for the train ride from Delhi airport?? That sounds like a ridiculous amount of money.

    1. thank you :D it is more expensive than Maglev Shanghai, but it gets me to center in 14 minutes compare to taxi ride for 2 hours

  2. Teesh Osita says:

    That was a lucky deal you got there (with the airlines). I’ve always wanted to go to India, Mel! I’m excited to read all your other India posts. You went alone? Did you feel safe?

    1. Hahaha yes. I went alone. Welllll not exactly safe but as long as we’re carefully and walk with other tourists or many people… I think I did ok :P

    2. thank u for the comment :D

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