[Travel] Yanshuo, Exploring the Countryside

We wake up a bit later today, after last night watching the The Impression of Sanjie Liu (印象刘三姐, Yinxiang Liu Sanjie) and our trip to Longji Rice Terrace of Longsheng. Yangshuo (阳朔) county is part of Guilin city (桂林市), in northeast of Guangxi (广西) Province, China. The town is surrounded by karst hills and peaks like in Guilin city (桂林市) and cross by the Li River (漓江). We heard that there are many backpackers and foreigners interested in the area and with the The Impression of Sanjie Liu (印象刘三姐, Yinxiang Liu Sanjie) show, many (Chinese) tourists came in drove of busses and noise. Many signage is in English and some people spoke a little English so we won’t get lost.

As previously stated, many of the people here are from the Zhuang (壯族), with some people from Yao (瑶族) and Miao (苗族) ethnic groups in Yangshuo (阳朔).

We didn’t get to see much of the famous landmarks, but oh well, we don’t really have enough time and I don’t think my body is well enough to go deep underground to see the fabulous caves (even though I want to).

The hostel we’re staying at, Yangshuo En Attendant Godot Hostel, recommended us to explore the countryside of Yangshuo by renting a bicycle nearby. 20 CYN for the whole day with 10 CYN for deposit.

Jacinda wants to see the Moon Hill, I just go for the ride. Hehehe. It’s really nice along the countryside with the occasionally view of the Yulong River (遇龙河). We can see all the karst peaks with farm lands, orange groves on the hills and everywhere we look. We take the highway road but some paths lead between the farms and those peaks. Awesome experience!


Our first stop is the The Big Banyan Tree (大榕树)It’s free of course, unless we want to see the other paid spots or cosplay with local ethnic costume.  It’s located at Gaotian village, a few kilometers from downtown Yangshuo. The tree is a part of the “Ten Miles Gallery” (I assumed the 10 scenics area in Yangshuo and surrounding village).





So cute.

This famously tourist spot seeing the large tree and a large karst peak stand for thousand of years. The Big Banyan tree (大榕树) is as almost 1400 years old, some says as old as Yangshuo (阳朔) .

It is 17 meters high and 7 meters wide. The Zhuang (壯族) people pay homage and sometime prays to the spirits of the huge green umbrella tree. The tree is also where the movieYangshuo (阳朔) (刘三姐) shoot, where the girl gives a token of her love, an embroidery ball, to her lover. It also attracts lovers here because of her story.




We continue our biking and finally reach the Moon Hill (月亮山). I didn’t get up with Jacinda since I’m so not in the mood for climbing all those 800+ steps. I wait and have a light snack in a nearby cafe instead (overprice, not really recommended, but I need coffee).

The Moon Hill (月亮山) is at 380 meters above sea level with the hill about 230 meters height and 410 meters in length, relatively. The half moon arch is self is about 50 meters tall. The natural arch is a semicircular hole through the karst hill and also very touristy for the view of the karst peaks from the top.


We continue our trip down the road and see strawberry fields (forever)!  We didn’t get down and do the dirty, picking up the strawberries (which is also another tourist activity). Instead, I bought them in a nearby street vendor. I love them, they are large and so sweet and good dip in chocolate. 10 CYN per bag with chocolate.





The pathways for biking is pave with (good intention) cement and pretty easy to navigate as we explore more. Hopefully we don’t get lost!


Got this lucky shot from my vantage point with the bike and the truck passing by.


We found this beautiful fresh water pond with the karst peaks reflecting to its calm water smack in the middle of the farm fields.




Farm fields and orange grooves. Reminds me of Californian orange because they are large.


Jacinda on the side hahaha. I didn’t notice I take her picture with the view.

We spend the whole afternoon biking and go back to downtown for another exploring until the night falls, and we’re quite famish!



A cute store with fancy things.

Clay carving of some famous or infamous figures.

Night life in Yangshuo downtown


Dinner with local tofu and mushroom soup, rice and fried local fish. Delicious.


Fun bears in local pizzeria we passed through.

We return early to our hostel. Tomorrow is our last day in Yangshuo, Rafting Down the Calm River. Don’t want to over tired.

Gualin, Guanxi Province Trip:

Source information: Wikipedia, Travelwiki, DK Eyewitness Travel China.


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