[Travel] Kunming, Traveling to Shilin Stone Forest

After a few days in Dali, we take the bus in the morning and arrive in Kunming (昆明) in the afternoon. I’m not feeling good this week so I sleep most of the time during the bus ride that takes almost half the day. Bus ride 150 CYN.

We stay at Kunming Upland International Youth Hostel and booked for female dorm room, 50 CYN per night per person.

First thing first, Kunming (昆明) is the capital city of Yunnan province (云南省). Kunming is known as the City of Spring (春城, chūn chéng) due its spring and summer weather all year around and  City of Flowers (花城, huā chéng) for the flowers like camellia, yulan magnolia, azalea, fairy primrose, lily and orchid.


We end up just walk around near the hostel and look for dinner in the afternoon. Saw these halal barbecues from chicken to meat near Green Lake.

On the 2nd day we journey to Stone Forest of Shilin (石林). The Stone Forest of Shilin (石林) is another expensive touristy spot in Kunming. A trip there takes around 2 hour from Kunming bus station at Green Lake area near our hostel. Bus fare is 27 CYN. Additional 25 CYN to ride the electric eco-bus and 175 for the entrance fee (50% off for student).


Stone Forest of Shilin (石林) is so famous as a tourist attraction, you can see from the Chinese tourists crowd here.


Stone Forest of Shilin (石林) is a forest/park of limestones formation in Shilin Yi Autonomous County, Yunnan, just a 90 kilometers from Kunming. The park divided into two; Naigu Stone Forest (乃古石林) and Suogeyi Village (所各邑村) and declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites’ South China Karst, class AAAAA tourist site. We only get to see the first one and didn’t go to the second one, not to mention I’m a bit under the weather.

Legend has it that Ashima (阿诗玛), a girl from the Yi (彝族) ethnic group, was forbidden of her love and turned to stone. Every 24th day of the 6th lunar month, the Yi (彝族) celebrate Torch Festival (火把节, Huǒbă Jié).

A folk dance from Yi (彝族) and Sani (撒尼) ethnic groups


A girl wearing Sani (撒尼) cloths, a southern Yi (彝族) ethnic group



Stone forest as the eyes can see




I got lucky to find a quiet rock formation in some shots with less tourist


Spring flowers


Between a rock and a hard place


Sliver of light


It’s scary to think this rock might fall on you


A viewing pavilion which we try to reach it but got lost. Seeing the people up there though, way too crowded and I bet it’s a long queue.


Another stone forest, more like a sea of limestones

One can relax in some parts of the forest

After a few hours of exploring the Stone Forest of Shilin (石林), we went back to Kunming and the night has fallen. Jacinda and I decide to have a much Western dinner nearby.


On the third day in Kunming, I got really sick and just stay in bed while Jacinda goes to Yunnan Nationalities Village (云南民族村). It’s nice, but not as nice as Lijiang, she says.

Next stop: Longsheng or Longji Rice Terrace

Information source: GoKunming, ForeignCN.com


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  1. Very interesting place. Would love to visit.

    1. it is :) thank you for your comment and visit

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