[Travel] Lijiang: Shuhe Old Town

Our last day in Lijiang Old Town (丽江古城) (can check out our first day here, Impression of Lijiang, Baisha village and exploring Lijiang Old Town highlights here), we have breakfast at the hostel and grab a bus #11 to take us to Shuhe Old Town (束河古城). It’s Chinese New Year and we want to take it easy. Bus fare 2 CYN.




The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain from the new Lijiang town




The entrance to Shuhe Old Town (束河古城)


Shuhe Old Town (束河古城)

Shuhe Old Town (束河古城) is also a tourist setup for Naxi (纳西族) minority ethnic group and in the olden days is also part of the Silk Road joined with the Ancient Chamada (茶马道, Tea and Horse) roads. Together with Lijiang Old Town (丽江古城) and Baisha (白沙) Village, Shuhe old town is an UNESCO World Heritage. The village is famous for it’s cobble street and the craft men for the cobble stone maker originated from here.

The old town is not as crowded as Lijiang but the setup is still for tourists and the UNESCO stamp didn’t hurt the economy either with most of the houses here are stores, restaurant and cafe. Most of it are close during the Chinese New Year so we only look around a bit and see more Naxi (纳西族) architecture.

Shuhe old town is more laid back and more locals than Lijiang’s Old Town. We can still see the Naxi (纳西族), Musuo (摩梭), Yi (彝族) and Bai (白族) and other ethnic minorities, folk art stores, embroidery and tie-die. The main attraction here are bicycle and horse riding.


Shuhe (束河) market street/square




A stage for performance



Food here are amazing (30 CYN) for both of us. I’m sure it’s yak beef but you never know.


Tibetan (བོད་པ,藏族) prayer wheel

The GuDaoZangJia center

This is a center for Tibetan medicine. In the olden days when the merchants caravan pass through here, they provide resting area, trade materials and medical assistance. The architecture is made of stone from the mountains with simple Tibetan architecture. The museum like place is close unfortunately due to holiday but it should be interesting to see the Tibetan Buddhism culture in this side.


Tibetan (བོད་པ,藏族) prayer wheel on a (lotus) pond


In preparation for Chinese New Year




We go back to Lijiang Old Town (丽江古城) just in time for an afternoon celebration for Chinese New Year or Spring festival at the hostel.


Cute puppy


Warm our body up and waiting for the hostel staff for the fireworks



And it’s off, getting rowdy with people with singing, talking and playing with fireworks

All in all, I love, love my trip to Lijiang. It’s touristy but it still have the folk charm and I always love to learn about the Chinese minorities in China.

After the celebration we turn in. Next day: Dali

Lijiang Trip:

See also Chinese Minority Ethnic Group custom at Shanghai Museum post here.

Source information: Lijiang Guide,DK Eye Witness Travel China, Lijiang information center, Arts Culture China


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