This is the trip I want to do for a while. Luckily, I got extra pay check from my freelance job for this trip and the backpacking trip after.


This is also the first time I ride on the Maglev train to Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It speeds at 300 km/hour on average. It’s on average because on a curve, the train slows down to a little under 300 km/h. With the top speed at 431 km/h, the Maglev takes around 7 minutes from downtown Shanghai to the airport. wow. I use my Shanghai Public Transportation Card (SPTC) and pay 50 CYN for the one way trip.

I take a flight from Shanghai to Harbin with China Southern Airline (ticket 1100 CYN) at noon and arrive a bit in the afternoon. The airport is 45 minutes outside the city. Since I arrive in the afternoon, the traffic is super heavy and it takes me close to 3 hours by bus (ticket 20 CYN) to downtown Harbin.

When I arrive, the sky darkened quickly since it’s winter. It’s snowing really hard mix with rain when the bus reaches the city proper. Plus, I get off at the wrong stop, so I have to look for the hostel I’m staying at. After asking and walking and asking under the worse weather I’ve been at -28˚C to -30˚C, I finally found it. I’m staying at Kazy Int’l Youth Hostel Harbin (哈尔滨卡兹国际青年旅舍). Winter is a high season for Harbin and the hostel tell tell me they don’t have a free bed, but a day before, they email me again and there’s someone canceled their reservation. It’s a bit rundown since the hostel’s building is old, but so far the room is warm and the communal bathroom has hot water. A night is 420 CYN in a female only dorm room of 4 beds.

I have dinner at the hostel, because I won’t going out anytime soon. A lasagna, chocolate cake and hot chocolate to warm me up.


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