[Travel] Tachuan Village, an Autumn to Remember

I wake up early since I know my schedule is pack to visit two villages today. From Xidi, I take another shuttle bus to Hongcun and walk 2+ km to Tachuan village (塔川村), nicknamed as “Five Trees Reaching the Sky“.  Although it’s part of a tourist area, the village still retain its simple and natural life. There aren’t many foreigners and tourists as of yet in this little village, except several early risers and some photographers.

The best view is from the trees surrounding the village, such as camphor trees, Chinese torreya trees, gingko trees and maple trees, hence, five trees, that make the color of autumn pops. The transition from green to yellow/red to late autumn purple and dark brown change the color of the village gradually. There are some scenes that I like but unfortunately since it rained the previous day, most trees lost its tresses. I still have some good photos but maybe not as many as I would like.

The village also have the architecture and lifestyle of Huizhou (徽州). I may… just enter the village from the back instead of the entrance so I didn’t pay for the entrance fee.

Woops? Anyway entrance fee should be 30 CYN.


Weirdly, modernity intertwined with the olden ways


Surprisingly, the village is tidier than the cities (in China)


Laundry day while it’s hot and sunny


Farming between the stone walls and houses


I should probably go higher but alas, my feet…


Anhui Trip: Huangshan, Xidi, TachuanJingqu, Hongcun

Source: Chinatravel


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