[Travel] Nanjing, Autumn in Qixia Mountain and Buddhist Temple

This is one of my impulsive travel. Qixia mountain is on the north east suburb Nanjing with the Yangtze river to the north. The mountain is also named after Qixia Temple (栖霞寺).

From the hostel, I take the subway back to Nanjing Railway Station and then take a bus, #138 and get off at Qixia Station.


The entrance is 35 CYN


Cai Hong Jing (彩虹镜) Rainbow Mirror Lake with the Huxin (湖心) Pavilion, created during the Qing Dynasty.


Incense in China is very, very big. Coming in the courtyard, the smoke goes everywhere.


Charm seller.


Qixia Temple (栖霞寺) was built during the South Qi Dynasty


The Pi Lu (a Buddha) Hall

A little bit to the south east of the temple, the Śarīra Pagoda (舍利塔), built in Sui Dynasty with wood, and later on with white stone in Southern Tang Dynasty in octagonal shape. Each level has different carving, mostly about the story of Buddha, from birth, travel, teaching and meditation, complete with Buddhist sutras.

Going up the hill a little bit, a little bit hike to see the Buddhist grotto, Cliff of Thousand Buddhas (千佛岩), housing more than 500 Buddha statues carved to the mountain. Some earliest carving are from the Southern Song Dynasty.

Going back down, I do marvel the various colors from gold, to red to green. No wonder Qixia Mountain is another must seen in Autumn.

As much as people come here to see the maple tress, I come here for the Ginko trees with its golden leafs. Anyway, the maple trees in late Autumn aren’t so reddish anymore but yellowish brown. Some locals and even the temple stores sold the maple and ginko leafs in frame and Chinese characters.

 Ginko trees with charms.

The golden color like the monks’ robes. The Buddhist monastery is one of the oldest, established during the Tang Dynasty. The temple is the beginning of the Buddhist Three Treatises School and one of the Four Biggest Buddhist Forest.

The temple also have vegetarian dish, my lunch is rice cake, clear noodle with mushroom, tofu and vegetables, with tea.


Some more photos on the way back to the bus station


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Source: City of Nanjing, Travel China Guide


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