[Music] Lady Gaga | The Born This Way Ball 2012

Manila, Philippines | 22 May 2012

“The tale of the Beginning, the genesis of the Kingdom of Fame. How we were birthed and how we will die celebrating.” – Lady Gaga The Born This Way Ball

Warning: Videos are well and nice but the sounds are awful, awful bitch.

Warning 2: Notice this entry is rated R for language, subject matters and the Lady has her own warning. You’ve been warned.

Well… I have you know we didn’t plan to watch Lady Gaga Manila, Philippine, but I browse the schedule, ya know, just in case, just because we heard that the Lady’s Born This Way Ball Jakarta might be canceled. Still we aren’t sure because… a. It’s going to be in Mall of Asia, quite far from our grandparents’ house and b. We’re not sure if we’re able to get the sold-out tickets.

So it’s a surprise that after cousins’ get together, some of our cousins want to watch the Lady. Luckily our cousin’s friend can get us the tickets for the second day for PhP 5,500 a pop. Convening at my cousin’s house, her dad advice us if there’s a riot or something (some extremist of a different kind might be involve and we don’t want to be caught in the middle of it all).

We arrive at the Arena 1-2 hours before the concert and my cousin look for her friend to get the tickets while my sister, my other cousin and I wait. Not long, my cousin comes and smiles with utter glee. She tells us that her friend can’t get the tickets for us and he’s sorry but he gets us the lower box (PhP 11,000/seat) instead, at the same price. Lucky!

7:30-ish pm we go in and find our seat (Insert me squee-ing here, because oh. em. gee, they are seats on the left side front row for half a price). Mall of Asia The Arena might be small compare to the other venue but it packs nicely. Inside is like going into a club: the crowd is in high spirit and some people might get a drink or two from the lounge and soft drink and/or pop corn induced sugar.

The opening act is by a German Electronic musician Zedd. (He remixes one of the Lady’s songs from the Born This Way Album) He is good and it keeps in with the party vibe. My favorite might be geek-ing out on the remix of Zelda, old school ftw.

8 pm on the dot, the curtain rises up and the WOW moment looking at the Castle lit in purple and flowing with mist, with way too much smoke there *coughcough*. The blaring opening song of Highway Unicorn, an opening ceremony with dancers holding flags and guns. Lady Gaga wearing what look like an alien galaxy grab (designed by Armani I heard) and she’s riding a horse/an unicorn! (I kid you not).

Video: Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball – Highway Unicorn

The first song bled out with a little awkward off the stage. Not much of excitement (yet). You can’t do much on a horse after all.

A little ohh and ahh with a 3D rendering of the Lady’s face inside a neon pink diamond light and a prelude from Mother G.O.A.T of aliens and escaped prisoners with “Operation…Kill the Bitch.”

Government Hooker walks down the stair with her tush wiggling, spotting a (Alien) Predator head-to-spine piece, glittering tights body suit /w gilded torso.  A little tease and whore-her-self out on a what look like a solid desk with one of her dancer acting as ‘a well-dressed Official’. She sings “As long as I’m your hook-up…” steps down the table, sings some more, walks back, “As long as you pay me.” And shots him and escape. Damn. Good – or should I say – Bad, Bad Girl.

The next song starts of, mind you, I can’t really see much of the what-ever-horror on the Castle’s walls. Of course then it becomes very interesting. The Castle’s walls opens like a doll house, revealing a large, and a very pregnant inflated Lady about to give birth. Oh. Holy. Fucking. Shit. While I love the song, admire the concept behind this, because it’s still an awesome, awesome, artistic fuck, I don’t like to see a birthing process, fake or otherwise. That’s why Born This Way is still one of her songs I love/hate/make me squeamish. Still… “Put your paws up… we are all Superstars!” Armani dressed her again in a puffy thick latex skin colored gown.

Strip to latex bra/bikini top and skirt (designed by Perry Meek x Haus of Gaga), she dances to Black Jesus † Amen Fashion. “Tonight is about togetherness. It’s about everyone that’s here tonight, seeing about what they love in this room. Because we’re exactly the same, in body, mind, soul and religion. There’s only one H.I.M.”

Shifting the lights to blue-purple-blue like liquid poison mist, the Lady (definitely) rolling out in a modified white plastic(?) gown (by Tex Saverio(?)), with another Alien head mask piece, from the gate, with 3 guys skipping merrily and holding hands behind her.

One noted that they are colored, black and white/asian(?) men only with their whiteys and white cloths around their waists. One can’t help but admired the thinking behind this. One can’t help falling head over heels with the boys’ body language from being restrained with each others’ hands and walking stiffly with 6 awkward legs + another 2 pairs of colored men in various poses. I know there’s a reason I love this haunting Bloody Mary. “Oh Liberdade, mi amor.”

Video: Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball – Bloody Mary

My first favorite, is of course, Bad Romance. And it begins, or so she says, the race within a race of humanity. Or… monsters… imho. This is her best costume yet that I really, really like. A frame of white boning short dress that are cut up like paper art, and an Aries(?) mask (designed by Brandon Maxwell x Void of Course) and god I want those white boots!

Video: Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball – Bad Romance

The Castle closes then she’s taking over the planet & yells of Gaga and the crowd goes wild for a moment there. She’s kidnapped/betrayed and is brought up one of the tower and sings Judas. The dancers are HOT, dancing like there’s no tomorrow. And my, what a big gun you have, sir Guard. A little bondage and Lady sacrifice there. Ready to die for your belief... not. Of course the Lady fights her way out and being a BA. Ta ta boys.

Video: Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball – Judas

On ward! Minions! Second time the Castle opens for our viewing pleasure. The background band behind the Castle’ walls are awesome btw.

Fashion of His Love is pretty tame compare to her other previous set. A beautiful white wide hat, white fur coat(?), white long dress with uh, origami sides (designed by Mugler). Believe me it’s a little bit of a surprise seeing the details, again, from the tower balcony. She’s like a rich Heiress, singing like she owns what she loves and Just Dance! How nostalgic!

A quick change, the Lady in a framed tub, with (sort of like the statue) Liberty’s glittering crown and a little black number dress, rocking to Want to play? Let’s play a Love Game. Ride that Disco Stick, baby.

Little Monsters are her muse. And halo? Halo halo, Telephone. (Insert my sister squealing and jumping over this. lol). At this point everyone sings along and jump when the lyric and the Lady demand. Even the dancers are, uh, jiggling there. So, gossip girls are on, I heard.

Here comes the creative rebellion for earth, let’s party, radio Gaga. Oh hallo there, the Lady in Armani black biker chick bra and undies strap on and leather shoulder pads, humping the motorcycle. It’s way, way better amalgamation than her cover album, imho. You better SING it! Heavy Metal Lover.

Girlfriend better ride her nice and good, because she’s very flexible (I meant ride the motorcycle. Not sure what you think *g*).

“You look fabulous, but I don’t give a fuck!” When it comes to freedom and performance art. Do you give a fuck? Because we’re the Bad Kids. Damn rocking that self esteem up a couple of notches. And aw a fuzzy muzzy best friends moment there. Happy Birthday Amanda and Kevin~~ So much love.

Dropping off on the side, a prop on electric keyboard for the Lady and she hops on once again to serenade us with Hair. This is the point I run my Loki (Smartphone) to the max and record the whole speech that get me teary up, half embarrassed and half horrified for my country and the idiocy hereto after. Among the protests from both countries, also gay rights and spreading hatred when all she wants it to share positively and love.

Video: Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball – Hair

Rolling out the emotional speech there, continue rocking with her band for You & I. Ending on top of the motorcycle with boots in the air and the Philippine flag dangling.

Then string her electric guitar to Electric Chapel, wearing a space-like-coat by Void of Course. Wiggling her bottom to the swing of the music in front of the cross inside the diamond neon light and still manage to sing and string the guitar with the boys.

The next set opens with one of the guitarists play an acoustic guitar to the opening of Americano. Once again the castle opens to the gents in bare-chest army pants and ladies in meat assemble, dancing around a meat rack with the Lady, wearing a meat tops and skirt by Perry Meek of the Haus of Gaga, in the middle of it all.

And a grinder where a male/female dancer will grind down and come out sexily to the music. The Lady herself toss out her skirt and grind with the best of them. Let’s just say, the females aren’t the only meat on stage.

That’s how Poker Face starts anyway. With the same dance arrangement, the Lady in the middle of hot, hot boys, doing the face routine. I get the vogue feeling out of this. (But don’t tell Madonna that. Heard the Queen of Pop is not too fond of the Lady). Oh look, she captured one boy in a grinder. “This is what I do with all my old boyfriends.” (Insert me laughing out loud here).

Then the Lady try it herself just for giggles and it sinks to the floor with her in it.

Rising up with meat sofa to match the Spanish theme from the previous set, she lounges up with Gun-bra made by Perry Meek x Haus of Gaga and a green army pants with black boots, and comments on the lovely sofa made from her exes. Isn’t it lovely?  The boys strip down to a pair of black undies and black boots to match the Alejandro clip, without the bowl cut, but still fascinating if I say so myself.

Video: Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball – Alejandro

Another set change and the castle opens once again and Mother G.O.A.T sings the next song; Paparazzi for a minute or so before the spot light spots the Lady up the castle walls doing a good impression of a femme fatale with big guns, black jacket tops and pants (ohhh pants?) and weird black hat like those army type, only, ya know, bigger. Swinging on a tower, being conspicuous, until she can get a good vantage and finally shots the Mother G.O.A.T. I have no f-ing idea what she’s saying but hey it’s blending the scene to another.

For more than a hour I’ve been waiting for this song. I love the Mugler fashion clip and the black & white feel. When this comes up, it’s fantastic, awesome, awesome choreograph of Scheiße (if I’m not recording I might be jumping to the song).

Video: Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball – Paparazzi & Scheiße

I really can’t describe the complexity of the steps work all the dancers and the Lady get, especially the last minutes. I need to breathe for a second there.

And now for the encore.

So from one of the tower, the Lady on Piano, dressing in a hooded robed that I’m told with printed skulls on it, designed by Versace. It’s got to be The Edge of Glory. She escapes, she comes to earth, she kills all her enemy, so it’s a win-win situation.  After a couple of minutes in an acoustic, she strips to skimpy tops and skirt-shorts studs with signature Versace glittering glam with matching boots also by Versace.

And the last song for the night Marry The Night with the same assemble plus a mean looking jacket by Versace and a keyboard guitar made by, again, Armani. Girl milking that crazy designers like whoa. The Castle’s walls opens one more time with all the dancers and band dancing for the last time in today’s concert. And the Lady reff-ing the last minute in her keyboard guitar.

Watching Lady Gaga in her Born This Way Ball for 2 hours without breaks, with all the right gimmicks to keep it interesting and the crowd wild and sing-along and jumping to the music.

It’s like going on a  roller coaster (I hate roller coaster but) shit, can we do it again?

Edit: Since Jakarta concert is canceled, our Little Monster have this video of dancing in one of our Malls in Jakarta, flash mob at EX Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.


I’m so happy to see this. Too bad I’m not there~

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