[Music] F1, Daughtry & Adam Lambert Concert Singapore 2010

Singapore | 24-27 September 2010 

Rey and I arrive at Singapore International Airport in the afternoon.



Since we travel very light, we reach the hostel using the MRT (remember after me: switch in Tanah Merah, and another switch in City Hall).

And TADA! Right when we switch, there is an F1 ads /w Adam Lambert concert poster! (like a geek, I go over and take some pictures, like, who wouldn’t, Adam stands?)
MRT Adam

Our hostel, the Soujourn, is very nice! The hosts are friendly and very helpful for directions and whatnot. We can’t get the all female dorm, but it’s fine by me sharing with two pairs of husbands and wives, and a mother with her young son.

Our room is Cinnamon flavor (cue cuteness here :P)

After refreshing ourselves, we meet the other girls from Philippines and Singapore and have dinner.

On Saturday, we use our morning time to walk around Orchard and take some more photos. We aren’t expected to be in the F1 Venue until 3-4pm.

These are part of “Art Beyond Limits” and the Frand Prix Season Singapore. The Lion is made from tires and I have no idea what the girl statue is for… hmm…..but interesting…in a weird way. LOL.



The cool ads on top of the bus stations.



Around 3 pm, we meet the other girls at City Hall Station to get the wristbands for the fan zone. There’s no point on waiting till the show (like 9 hours?) and we decide to have a coffee/lunch/snacks in Coffee Club. I think we come back to the venue around 5. heh.

Watch a couple of shows, like Daughtry. He’s wearing a Batman shirt. heh. cute. :D


Some racing photo and the F1 Girl posing with a kid.

The race is freaking loud! @ _ @ It’s like hearing an airplane engine real close.

While we are all waiting :P

The (eye)Liners.

Some Adam, Monty and Tommy cosplayers.

makeup glam
Glamorize Makeup

Watch some acrobatic show…. flying piano and ballets in the air with Italian music. Beautiful. Alas, I’m too tired to cross the field just to take closeups. Fortunately, long range lens capture some pictures nicely.

This look like some kind of tent, with the girl on top…uhm…dancing?

Wendy-esque (peter pan) kinda set.

I love this the most. How in the world you play the piano and another doing the acrobatic ballet on top of the piano? reminds me on Alicia Keys (/w the piano spinning) @ the MTV VMA last year.

And finally, the final Show itself :) Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour 2010 starts here, in Singapore F1 Grand Prix.

Purple Haze
The dancer is amazing.

I couldn’t get the kiss one :( camera not fast enough.


gloved hand
Knowing me, I get several close shots. Especially Adam’s accessories and gloved hand. UNF.

MONTY, rocking Sleepwalker like WHOA. Let me kowtow to the Master!

monty rocking

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